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Verdigris Base

Achieve genuine greenish-blue finishes on any surface using bronze based Verdigris Base with Oxidising Patina.
Paint on 2 coats of Verdigris Base, allow to dry then apply Oxidising Patina and watch the greenish-blue Verdigris appear.


Rust & Verdigris Activator

Used to activate Rust and Verdigris bases. Can also be applied to imitation gold leaf, copper leaf, bronze, brass or copper objects creating genuine antique metal finishes.


Example of Verdigris

Available in

100 ml, 500ml, 1L, 4L


  • Rust and Verdigris are not suitable for permanent immersion in water.
  • The life expectancy of Rust and Verdigris when positioned outside should be approximately 5 years.
  • To stop further oxidisation or tarnishing a sealer coat of Shellac may be applied (1 part Shellac to 6 parts methylated spirits).
  • Both Rust and Verdigris can be painted over if required by first applying an silver aluminium type paint then covering with appropriate decorative finish.
  • Oxidising Patina may dry out too quickly if applied outdoors and therefore may not work effectively.
  • Oxidising Patina is non-caustic.


Available in Australia Only

Verdigris Effect 100ml: $21.97
Verdigris Effect 500ml: $43.89
Verdigris Effect 1Litre: $65.89
Verdigris Effect 4Litre: $163.90
Rust & Verdigris Activator 100ml: $10.89
Rust & Verdigris Activator 500ml: $21.97

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