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Other Waxes

Verdigris Wax - For a green oxidized look on metals or over Chatsworth Gilt Varnishes.

Liming Wax - Creates a white dusty effect on open grained wood and painted surfaces.

Burnishing Wax - Restores French polishing and metal.

Clear Wax - Protects and rejuvenates timber and painted surfaces.

Key Benefits - Misc. Liming and Verdigris Wax

  • Easy application
  • Internal or external use
  • Very durable

Key Benefits - Burnishing Wax

  • Good value
  • Easy to apply
  • Restores and protects at once

Example of Verdigris Waxing


Verdigris Wax: $11.38
Liming Wax: $11.38
Burnishing Wax: $11.38
Clear Wax: $10.20

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